My secret

Tomorrow is day 1 of my challenge. I decided to start before the holiday mini challenge just so that I can get a head start. The longer, the better...right? I am sure that sometime in the beginning I will fall off the wagon, I just hope that I can get myself right back up again. Today I spent most of my time thinking about all of the foods I will NOT be eating the next few months. My husband says I should concentrate on all the new foods that I WILL be eating starting tomorrow. Easy for him to say, he hasn't had any cooked food since...I can't remember when, actually.

Okay, well I wanted to divulge my biggest secret in this post, just to let you know where I stand in the world. I weigh 275 lbs at this moment. That's actually a good weight for me compared to what I was just 2 months ago. at that point I started incorporating more raw into my diet and reached 275lbs from 306lbs. That was a major achievement for me because my entire life I was never able to lose any weight, no matter what diet or exercise program I was on. If I was exercising a lot and getting my sweat on, I would stay the same weight and never lose a pound. But, if I was not exercising, even if I was dieting, I would always gain weight. I was never able to actually lose weight until I started eating raw foods. Plus, I am not even exercising! I know, I should be, but I just don't. My weight loss goal for tomorrow until December 24th (the day the mini challenge ends) is 20 pounds. That gives me 67 days to lose 20 lbs, which is about .3 lbs a day. Are you excited? I am a little nervous.
I hope you come along for the journey with me, I could definitely use the support! And leave comments as well, so that I know you're out there supporting me.

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