first morning thoughts

I just woke up and was looking at the news when I found this article called 5 things I learned from Jilian Micheals and she talks about weight loss, NOT being about willpower. She says "Losing weight is not about willpower--it's about moments of bravado, like the moment when you ask your waiter to take the bread away from the table right away." Wow! I guess I don't have willpower. When I go to a restuarant, I love those little freebies! I really need to be stronger if I am ever going to make it to my weight loss goal. Micheals also says that she pours candle wax from the dining table onto her food to prevent from eating it. That's hard core! Maybe I should stop worrying about how long I slaved over the meal and I don't want it wasted and start thinking about how I am wasted my own LIFE making sure I eat every bite.

So anyway, today is day 1! YAY! For breakfast I am having some raw cereal - buckwheat (soaked and dehydrated), sliced bananas, raisins, and apples in a bowl with almond milk. It should be tasty.

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