I'm cranky

I finally gave in and looked at the scale today. Good news and bad news. The good news is, I didn't gain any weight. The bad news is, I didn't lose any weight. It's okay though, I am just happy that I don't have to work anything off.
Today was pretty difficult for me because it was shopping day. Usually I love shopping day, because we go to so many fun places to get our food. Today though, I was just hungry, and cranky, and I couldn't wait for it to be over. My daughter and I often by ourselves a couple stuffed grape leaves, but I couldn't this time, so that was pretty depressing. Instead I ate a banana. Bananas are good, but not as good as stuffed grape leaves. If I HAD bought the grape leaves, I would be writing a post about how bad I felt for messing up again. Instead, I didn't eat them, so I don't feel bad. I would say I feel great, but I feel kinda annoyed...at everything. My husband is making a smoothie, so the Vitamix is going and going, and it's so irritating. I think I am still getting used to being 100% and maybe tomorrow I will feel better. Besides, it's the weekend!
My daughter is not 100% raw, but I try to give her about 70-80%. Tonight for dinner she had toast, one had Rory's raw unchicken salad, one had diced tomatoes with Italian seasoning and olive oil, and one had carrots with salad seasoning and hemp oil. I looked really healthy, and very tasty. She loved every bit of it. Rory said that it was a good transitory food, but I just thought it looked YUM. Of course, I didn't eat any of the toast. My daughter loved it, and says she wants to eat it all the time. Honestly though, I don't want her having so much bread, but now I have another healthy meal for her.

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