Feeling good and close encounters

I feel pretty good today. I got on the scale today and it said 267.0! I decided to go to the bathroom and then see what it would say (I get so giddy over this stuff) when I weighed myself again it said 268.4! What!?! I hate scales sometimes. It's okay though, I know I am losing weight and feeling great.

For breakfast today I just had a banana, since I wasn't that hungry. For lunch I made myself a collard wrap with diced tomatoes and seasonings as the "meat". It was really yummy. I also had a green smoothie. I always feel so much better with green smoothies. In fact, I think that is how I lost the 30 something lbs to begin with.

It's Halloween season! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to see all of the costumes and the haunted houses. If I had more money, I would buy an old barn and really spook it out for Halloween. When I was going to college, there was an old barn on campus that someone had actually died in. That place was spooky! It was also on an old Indian Reservation. Once, at night Rory and I were out very very late walking around and we heard some creepy noises about 20 ft away from us. There was nothing there at all, but we definitely heard it.

Another time I was really creeped out was about 5 years ago at Devil's Den in Gettysburg, PA. I went there at around 1a.m. with a friend of mine and we were hanging out on top of the rocks talking about all of life's b.s. when this glowing light started slowly coming toward us. It moved really slow, and you could tell that it was coming closer, but the light wasn't getting any brighter or larger. My friend called out to it, but there was no response. It could not have been a flashlight, because no one could have walked where it was. My friend freaked out, and jumped off of the rocks. Those rocks are pretty high, so it was a very dangerous jump for him. I was pretty freaked out too, but I took the safer path and rushed my way down the normal path. We jumped into the car and drove away pretty quickly. Now when I see all of those "ghosts of Gettysburg" books out there, I don't just snicker at them, I feel like there may be some truth behind all of that tourism propaganda.

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