Day 3, very very early

It's the very very early morning of day 3. You would not even believe how much weight I have lost in just these past 2 days (today doesn't count since it hasn't started yet. I now weight 270.4 lbs! It's amazing. My Wii Fit says that I am losing weight too fast, but my husband says that my weight loss will slow down and that my body is adjusting to the lack of cooked fats. Whatever works!

I've been really hungry and craving things that I don't normally even eat. I haven't had dairy products since I can remember, but I am craving a burrito from taco bell! I am eating constantly, but maybe not the right foods for me.Luckily I somehow scheduled the start of my raw food experiment with the first day of the Rawkathon, which is a "free 7 day, worldwide online living food event". Amazing stuff really. This event is helping me stay inspired. The first night I listened to Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com and he said that he was a type O blood type, and therefore he needed more protein. I had an epiphany! I am also a type O blood type, and I definitely do not eat enough protein, which may be why I could never stick with the raw diet before. I would always say "I'm hungry, I need something heavier", and then I would end up eating something cooked. My husband says that I should drink more green smoothies, eat more bee pollen, hemp protein. He had tons of ideas for protein, but honestly I don't remember all of them. When I ask him later I will be sure to carry an notebook and pen. I think that knowing this information will really help me this time around.

Last night on Rawkathon, I watched David Wolfe go insane! He was talking faster than a teenager with juicy gossip! I could barely keep up, but the stuff he was saying was so inspirational. He says that we need to get into the flow and the things that we want will just start appearing in our lives. We need to write it down and have goals, realistic goals, and the universe will just start making them appear for us. A lot of the stuff he said was reminiscent of the movie, The Secret, but he said it so much better.

I also watched Dr. Graham which I found so inspiring. He raises his daughter as a raw vegan on the 80 10 10 diet. My daughter always says she wants to be 100% raw, but in practice she can only really eat 2 raw meals a day. Of course, I didn't start her on a raw diet until she was 8. Dr. Graham and his wife started their daughter from birth. They say that when she was only 2 year old but has the mental capacity of a 3 year old and that her health is excellent! I wish I had them for parents!

Anyway, that's all I have for this very very early morning. Here is a pic of the lunch I had yesturday. It was sliced avocadoes, diced tomatoes, lime juice, dulse flakes, and pepper. It tasted really good and took care of my savory food craving.

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