Man loses 430 lbs and raw food update

Today was a great start for a beautiful new year! The last few days I have been eating 100% raw with no complications and no real strong cravings for cooked food. Today though, I did eat some pretzel sticks at my moms house, but only because I was super hungry and she had no raw food available. As soon as I came home, I was craving a green smoothie and drank 48 oz of one in just a few minutes.

We didn't really do much for New Years Eve this year. Rory worked until late last night, and very early this morning, so we just kinda hung out. Of course, we made sure we were locking lips at 12:00!

I also have a small cold, but amazingly I hardly feel it at all. The only time I really notice that I have the cold is when I am really sleepy or when I just wake up. Once I am up and lucid, I feel great. I love eating healthy.

I did find on the news today that a man lost 430lbs! Congrats on the loss of the weight, but I was a little disappointed in the method that he chose. He decided to go with gastric bypass, which is great for him since he had so much to lose and he had to do it quickly. But what really got me worrying was when he said "I want people to feel inspired when they look at me". I really don't think that surgery is very inspirational. Maybe people that weigh 640lbs do desperately need it, but the majority of the people that are 50-100 lbs overweight have so many more options, and when they use them, it actually is inspirational. I am truly inspired by people like Philip McCluskey, my friend who goes by Earthmother, and even my husband, all whom lost the weight through their own willpower and desire to be healthy. That is truly inspirational to me, and that is what keeps me going on my raw path. Thank you to everyone out there who inspires myself and others to do the same.


  1. You have a really beautiful blog!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. You are a true light in this world!

    Peace and Blessings,

  2. Thank you Tawni! It means a lot to hear that.