Smoothie Feast Continued and Rebirthing Session 2

I just wanted to check in here with my smoothie feast first. I have still been drinking smoothies all week, but I have only 1 new recipe for you. I liked some of the ones I already made this week so much that I am just repeating most of them! Although today I did have 2 new yummy creations. The first was a curry pumpkin soup that Rory made for me. It was a surprise, so I did not get the ingredients for it.

The second was a cherry smoothie that I made:

2 cups cherries
2 bananas

Very simple, and very tasty!
I'm not searching in the fridge anymore, thankfully, so I am much more adapted to "smoothiehood". I am also not using the bathroom as much, so I may have adapted in other ways as well. As I promised, I did up my intake of calories the last 2 days. I've added more bananas and banana milk, which should bring me to about 1300 calories, give or take.

I am looking forward to a solid meal. I make food for my daughter, and a salad for Rory each evening, and I really am craving them. I crave solid food now more than I ever craved cooked food! I am really enjoying the smoothie feast, but at the same time, I can't wait for it to be over.


So Chris came over again this week, and I bravely did another Rebirthing session with him. It started out the same as the first time. I was in a lot of pain, especially in my shoulders, and breathing was a chore, like running a marathon. He kept telling me to keep going, and I hated him for that. I just wanted to stop. But I didn't, I stayed strong because I was determined to find what Rory found his first time.

Just when the session was about to end, and we both thought that I wasn't going to get "there" my breath slowed down, and I started to feel it. I have to say, it shocked me quite a bit, and I think that shock pulled me away from it a bit. I started to feel very light, and each time I took an in breath, I started to rise. I would breathe again, and I would rise another few inches. Then the room disappeared, and I was above the ocean. Each time I breathed, I floated higher on a wave. I felt so wonderful, and free. I honestly felt like I could just float away. Then, I started sinking, and the room came back. I realized I had to use the bathroom (darn smoothie feast!) and it was over.

I asked Rory if that is what he felt, and he responded, "not at all". Apparently I only got a small "drip" of what it could feel like. If only I could let myself go a little more, I would feel it so much more powerfully.

Ironically, Rory's second session turned out to be much like my first, which goes to show you that they can be different each time.

I'll let you know on Saturday the final results of my smoothie feast. I can't wait to step on the scale and see what I have accomplished. My goal is to lose the 7 lbs I gained last week from eating too many nuts.


  1. Hey Amanda.......thanks so much for posting about your latest rebirthing sesh...it is so intriguing! Glad it was more successful for you this time too.
    I have a question....how come you did a smoothie feast over a juice feast - are there any nutritional benefits from one over the other or is it just down to personal preference do you think? I have always been a juicer but now i am pretty tempted to start along the smoothie route too.

  2. I did a smoothie feast over a juice feast for a few reasons. Smoothies are pretty much juices, with fiber. I am fairly new to being 100% raw, so I did not feel like I was physically ready for a week long, fiber free diet. The fiber in the smoothies allows me to feel more satiated. In fact, I have been given advice that if I am interested in a juice feast, I should try a smoothie feast first to see how that feels.

    Another reason is because Yardsnacker once said in a video that he suggests that people with Hypoglycemia should either avoid juice feasts, or do a modified one. I have never been diagnosed with hypoglycemia because I do not go to the dr., but I have all the symptoms of low blood sugar and I have a monitor that suggests that my blood sugar is too low. With that in mind, I would like to try and play it safe for awhile.

    Lastly, smoothie feasts are much cheaper, especially in the winter. There is more bulk in the smoothie feast compared to the juice feast, so I had a lot less produce to buy. In the summer, when there are so many other options available, I may have a different opinion.

    Thanks for asking, Loulou!