Just Say No

One of the hardest parts about raising a child that's only about 70% raw is making her dinner. Tonight I made her a box of Mac N Chreese (a vegan mac & cheese) and a green smoothie for dinner. Very often when I make the mac n chreese, I dish out a small portion for myself. Mostly because I don't fell like making something seperate for me, and the mac n chreese is convenient. Well, tonight was no different in that respect. I made her a big bowl of it and then put a little in a bowl for myself. I though, "Gee I've been 100% raw today, this will totally ruin that for me". Then I thought, "Oh well, I already dished it out, now the bowl and spoon are dirty, and besides, I'm very hungry". So at this point I added a bunch of pepper to the food in my bowl and stirred it up. My next though was...actually I don't think I had a thought, it was more of a reflex...I just put the bowl down on the table in front of my daughter and walked away. I poured a big glass of the green smoothie for myself and ate a big, juicy pear.

This is a major break through for me! About the only few times I eat cooked food any more is when I am making food for someone else and I feel like "I might as well eat some". I actually said "no" and found something else! I know I can keep this up, especially since, lately we've been super stocked up on raw produce.

If you make cooked food for other people, how do you resist the urge? Please, let me know how you keep yourself above the boiled water?


  1. Wow Amanda, we DO have a lot in common!

    I so often do the same thing. I usually eat a little of the cooked vegan food I make my daughter, too.

    Lately though, I have been feeling SO tired after I eat with her. I am really tired of that feeling.

    Today I had a granola bar because I was craving something sweet and we really didn't have much fruit. I felt SO SICK after eating it. It was vegan but I wish I hadn't done it.

    Good for you for making that step. I know how hard it is too...and my daughter still eats meat and cheese, which I am trying my best to get her to not eat.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Wow, we really DO have a lot in common! I have the same issue, except my little girl still eats meat (which she only eats with other family, not at home, except for organic eggs.)

    I think it is all about when you're ready to take that next step, when you just get so tired of having that tired cooked food feeling. I get tempted still to have what she has, but I know my body can't handle it as well...and when I do give in to it, I feel pretty terrible!

    Thanks for sharing! It's great to know I'm not alone.