Taking a road trip

On Wednesday, Rory and I are heading up to Connecticut to visit his family. I am the one driving the entire 7 hours, and I am not looking forward to it! Rory is packing a lot of raw food for the journey, including, but definitely not limited to: salad, bananas, smoothies, citrus fruits, and trail mixes. One drawback to eating raw is that we have no need to stop at a restaurant to eat, which means I will be stuck in the car the whole time, besides bathroom breaks. Isabel will be doing her school work in the car so that she has less to do when we finally get there (she is home schooled). I am making a very large mix MP3 for some music, and maybe even a few motivational cds. Victoria Boutenko has one that I really enjoy, Spiritual Awakening with Raw Food. Also, I have a few of David Wolfe's that I have not even listened to yet.

Rory's family has embraced the raw food lifestyle very well. Following his footsteps, both his sister and his mom have incorporated many raw food dishes into their menus, and have already seen the health benefits from it. I am not concerned about finding raw food when we are there. Also, the grocery stores in CT have so much more variety than they do here in "nowheresville, PA". So that will be exciting. Last but not least, Glen Colello's cafe, Catch A Healthy Habit, is only blocks from Rory's mothers' home.

All in all, it should be a fun trip. But I am not looking forward to sitting in a car for 7 hours, staring at the same old boring road the entire time while Rory and Isabel play games and nap. booooo!

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  1. How did the trip go? That's great Rory's family (or some of them) have ventured into raw a bit. My family = nada! Anyway, hope the trip was fun and memorable.