The scale moved!

It's been a few days since I posted last. Someone in my family was pretty ill, so I spent some time making "feel better' concoctions. I did get on the scale today, and it said 266! Yay, it moved! I've been working pretty hard, both with my exercise challenge and my raw challenge, but neither of them have been 100% all of the time. I am definitely working hard though.

Most of my meals are: bananas for breakfast, tomatoes for lunch, and a big salad for dinner, with a few green smoothies mixed in. Friday's are the hardest for me, because we always get something to eat at the natural food store when we go shopping. I always want to get dolmas - sometimes I have the willpower to get something else, but not always. I am hoping that when the Raw Fu challenge starts on the 15th, that will really get me motivated.

Rory is a real inspiration, he lost so much weight that today he lost his wedding ring :( We may never get it back, but now we have a plan to get it tattooed on him. I don't want to it be a tacky tattoo though, so we will have to work on the design a bit. He wants me to get one as well, but I never felt like a tattoo person, so I told him that we would wait.


  1. Stopping by to encourage you!! That is so great that the scale is moving! It's a struggle, but so worth it! I'll be looking for you in Raw Fu land.....Penni

  2. Oh no about the lost wedding ring but tattoos would be fun. :)

    Take pics if you do it.

  3. HiHoRosie,
    I'm still a little nervous about getting a ring tattoo, but I told Rory that when mine falls off, I will definitely do it. I do think mine will fall off soon, since I have no knuckles holding it on, just fat. When that goes away, there will be nothing keepng my ring there. I do like our wedding rings though, they have this beautiful braided pattern, which was really sweet since it takes 3 to make a braid, and my daughter was part of the wedding as well.

    Thanks for the encouragement, I need tons of it. The scale hasn't moved since :( but I am giving it time. I was never good at losing weight, in fact, I have never lost weight in my entire life, no matter what diet I tried. Not even 1 pound. So I am just happy that the scale is moving either down or not at all. Anything is better than up!