I hope to see you!

Okay, so do you really want to know what I have been up to? Or did you just forget about me? haha! I didn't forget about everyone else, but I've been focusing all of my energy on a fun new project I've been working on. I was in the shower one day thinking about my biggest phobia and wondering how I could solve it. Well instead of solving it, I decided to fantasize it and make it into a children's book (a 300 page-er). I have been working so hard on this book, and so far have read it to 3 children who absolutely love it. I am not even close to done, but I wanted to share that with everyone. When I am closer to finished, I will be able to fill you in on more details.

More excitingly, I will be traveling. Of course, mostly tagging along with Rory. Myself, my daughter, Isabel, and Rory will be at Raw Spirit Fest East on August 29-30th. Rory will be doing a raw food demo, selling a dvd (hopefully) and his e-book (hopefully) but certainly he will be selling smoothie jar bags and magnets. Isabel will be doing a raw food demo with her cousins in the children's section. She is super excited and super nervous.
On September 26-2th we will be in Prescott, AZ sans Isabel for the Raw Spirit Fest as well. I am really hoping to meet some of my new blogger friends at these festivals!

August 7-9th we will be in MA for the NOFA (Northeastern Organic Farming Association)conference where Rory will be doing a raw food demo there as well. If you are going, let me know!


  1. Amanda! Hi! It's been so long!

    I hope I get to go to Raw Spirit in Arizona, too. I want to bring Kaya, my daughter with me...I am just not sure yet about where we will stay...if we will camp and what not.

    Hopefully we can go so we can meet you! I went last year and it was awesome.

    I'm so excited for you about your children's book. Congrats!

    Have a great day!

  2. A children's book sounds like a wonderful way to work through a phobia! I'm very curious to read it. Good luck with the final stages and have fun at Raw Spirit Fest!


  3. Sorry it's been so long since I've been by but I know you've been busy! Working on great things too! Congrats to you and Rory - wishing you continued success!