Can't wait for Spring!

Yesterday was the end of my mini smoothie feast and exercise challenge. I didn't do 100% but I didn't fail either. Rory and I went on a trip to Connecticut to take a few of our belongings before the official move. We left on Friday for the 7+ hour trip, and returned home on Sunday. Driving all that way was so tiring for me. It was difficult to keep up with the challenge, and that's where I messed up. I'm not beating myself up about it though, since I have plenty of time to try again. I did tell myself, "no more challenges until we move". Our official move date is March 26th. Now is not a good time to try to test myself.

On a more positive note, I made some banana ice cream today. I haven't made any since Summer, so this was pretty exciting for all three of us. My way of trying to pull Spring in a few weeks early. To make this ice cream extra special, I added strawberries and kiwi on top. Rory recently made some raw chocolates so I chopped them up as chocolate chips. This was so yummy!


  1. Seriously, I think the move is challenge enough.

    Okay. March 26 is the big day. Sooooo, let's say, beginning April 1, you and I are officially walking partners (and Maya too, of course). So, one month from today, you join me. It'll be officially spring by then too, so warmer temps and sunshine are on the horizon.

  2. Thanks earthmother! I'm excited to start. Thanks for setting this up for me, now I have no excuses haha!

  3. Banana ice cream sounds very good! I like your take on this. Yum!

  4. That does look amazing...I too am about to make a huge move. I am setting the intention of making wise choices and keeping it raw, since I know how much better that makes me feel. But, the pressures of traveling, staying with SAD family for awhile is going to be very challenging!! Just have to accept and appreciate it all...good luck!

  5. Hi=-) I am your CT buddy and when you get comfy here let me know. We can do a RAW meet up=-)
    Take care of yourself during the move and keep eating those yummy foods you post!=-)
    This picture is amazing.

  6. Great attitude you have! You're smart to not beat yourself up. To me, it's just not worth it. Good luck with the move!