Still getting used to my new surroundings

Okay, so my last post was exactly 1 month ago. No, I didn't forget about my blog or raw food (for the most part). Actually, we are still not unpacked (Arrrg)and my computer broke! I've been using the teeniest tiniest laptop known to man. It's an HP 2133 Mini Notebook PC and it's okay but the screen is tiny and it has very few features. The battery only lasts about 90 minutes and it heats up so much that I constantly worry about starting a fire.

So this is what's going on in my new life. We moved to CT about 2 weeks ago and my life has been turned completely upside down. We moved in with some family, which is great because we can save up some money to start a business, but it's hard living with family, especially in-laws. My sister-in-law is a wonderful person, and so is her husband. They totally dig the raw foods and Rory has been commissioned to make a ton of food for them, especially desserts. They have 2 children that they also home school, so that works out wonderfully. And they only eat organic foods, so it's a perfect match! But I do miss having my own kitchen, and my own place in general. They live in a large home, so we do have the entire upstairs to ourselves, which includes plenty of storage, bedrooms, and a bathroom. So we pretty much only share a kitchen, but of course we spend a lot of time together anyway. I feel like I am in college again, but without all that darn homework!

Our home itself is beautiful. Long before I met Rory, he and his brother-in-law actually built much of the house, and they did a very good job! I only wish it was a little more sound proof! lol Out back we have about 1 mile of beautiful forest and a winding creek. We took a walk there the other day and I came back covered in ticks. I've since bought a natural tick repellent but I've been too chicken to test it. There are 3 local nature reserves that we can visit, plently of beaches around, and since we live only 10 minutes from New Haven, there is always something to do. Before we moved we lived next to a busy street, had no yard, and there were no public places. We are definitely having a great time. In fact, today is the first day since we arrived that we don't have any plans!

But, I cannot find any organic greens anywhere! We have gone into many, many stores looking for organic greens, and at most we can find small 7 oz boxes of mixed greens. No kale, collards, or anything to be seen for miles. I did find a Whole Foods about 45 minutes away, but the prices were very very high. Luckily we will be starting a garden, but in this climate we will probably only have fresh greens for a couple months. This is something I may never get used to.

I did join a gym the other day, just for fun. I'm excited about going because I met a few people there that I could really enjoy working out with. I got a good discount for the gym by signing up for 1 year, so hopefully I will keep up with it. It's only about 2 miles from my house, so I have no excuses.

As for the raw foods, well I've done better. Rory never fails to be 100%, but when I get stressed, I start eating cooked. Especially starches. I'm trying to get back to my ways, but it hasn't been easy. Hopefully the new 100 day RawFu challenge will inspire me to get back into the groove.


  1. hey Amanda!
    It is so great to see you posting again, I missed your posts but also realised you must have been upto your eyeballs with the move.

    It all sounds so exciting and 'new', at least you guys won't be bored there :0)
    It is a shame about the lack of organic greens though.......definitely a great motivator to start up your veg patch!!

    Sending blissfull 'house-settling-in' vibes to you and your family!!
    Loulou xx

  2. p.s. I just posted about Rory's Energy Bars..........Yummo!!

  3. I know how you feel! I really am trying not to be hard on myself and just let it flow. It is hard to be so "good" when so stressed! I have re-commited to healthier eating starting TODAY! I also just got into the gym...so I'm with ya! Good luck!

  4. It sure gets busy when you're moving! Good luck with the transition and I hope you can find your greens!

  5. Hooray, you've surfaced! The new surroundings sound lovely. I'm happiest near woods and water.

    A gym membership! Woot!

    You know I'm not much of a treadmill gal, but you can join me on my daily walks outdoors anytime. :D

  6. earthmother, There are no treadmills, so I am definitely still up for walking! Do you walk in the rain? If so, how do you protect yourself?
    Mandy, good luck with your new commitment! I know you will do well!
    Loulou, Thanks for posting about Rory's bars! He hasn't made them in awhile so it reminded me to ask him to make them. His newest thig has been brownies. I'll ask him to shaqre the recipe soon!

  7. Wow Amanda,
    That's so exciting about moving to a new place. Maybe if you ask the people at the grocery to carry organic produce, they will. Usually stores are great about taking care of their customers.
    That's great that you joined a gym! That will keep your endorphins up and going.
    Don't worry, you will do much better on raw, and working out will keep you motivated to do it.
    I ate two cooked cookies and soy milk last night after almost 2 weeks of being 100%. I also had coffee this morning. It's a learning experience. I guess I just needed to be better prepared with dehydrated cookies and nutmilk. When things get busy though, it can be much easier to eat something, well, easier to grab.

    I'm back on track though, and doing great. My skin looks fantastic~it is almost all completely clear. Woohoo!

    Love n Light,